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An 18 year old who lives a life full of singing, laughing, schooling, loving, and creating.

From age 10 to 16 I was a competitive figure skater, and loved (just about) every minute of it until I had to quit due to an ankle injury at 16.
Shortly after I turned 15, I joined a Christian theatre company, where I quickly gained friends who have tremendously blessed me, and are still doing so.

2012-2013 was my senior year of high school, which meant it was my senior year in the acting company as well; but whenever one door closes, God opens another. I was accepted to Toccoa Falls College last fall, and attended one semester as a Freshman majoring in Counseling Psychology.

After a few months there, I felt a strong calling to move back home and continue my education at a local college. I plan to continue my education there for a few semesters, then transfer to a University where I will have the resources to pursue a degree having to do with the Arts (photography, graphic design, or graphic communication... to be determined, essentially).

I created Darling Simplicity in the month of April in 2013. My goal was to create a writing/creative space where I could share my daily thoughts, photographs, and discoveries with those who wanted to hear about them. My hope is that my posts and photographs will inspire someone in some way shape or form.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

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