Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Wandering Wednesdays IV - Red Top Mountain

Well, almost two whole months later, and I'm back with another blog post to add to the ever growing (and slowly developing) Wandering Wednesdays series.

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Keeping up with the "spur of the moment hiking tradition," this trip to Red Top Mountain on May 3rd was pleasantly unexpected. It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, a rarity in Georgia during May, so we decided to go on an adventure. Below are some snappies of the sights we saw.


Artsy shot to set the mood.

Jamison got all photographer-y.

How gorgeous is this cabin?

Squirrel friend doing his thing.

Cliché Chaco appreciation picture.

I think it's worth mentioning that we got lost not once, but twice during this hiking trip. Turns out Red Top is a pretty big mountain. Word to the wise - always keep track of the markings in the trees that were purposefully painted there to help hikers remember which path they're on.

The end.

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